One Potato, Two Potato…

Charlotte Salad Potatoes

We harvested some Charlotte potatoes on Friday, our first potato harvest of the year and wow they were scrummy! We harvested two plants which produced more than enough potatoes to feed a hungry family of four, with some to spare too. This was our first time growing salad potatoes and they have definately earned their plot for next year.

Charlotte Potatoes 2009

The main crop are flowering away nicely, although they got a bit battered and bruised by recent strong winds but they seem to be holding their own. Which varieties are you growing and do you have any favourites? I have been making plenty of potato salad with the Charlotte’s, look out for the simple Karen proof recipe coming soon!

4 thoughts on “One Potato, Two Potato…

  1. There is nothing like garden potatoes freshly dug. Yours look delicious! I’m not sure what vatieties specifically we used to grow, but we definitely had some King Edwards and I think Estima and Jersey Royal types too.

    Do you ever use seed potatoes? When I used to grow them in my grandma’s garden several years ago, we put in some of the previous year’s and got wonderful results. Plants even grew in the compost heap from the peelings, and I think even they made some nice potatoes!


  2. Thank you for your comment Graham. I have tried using a couple of shop bought potatoes that had chitted in the cupboard just to see what I would get. Ended up with very small potatoes with not much flavour. Never tried growing them from previous home grown, not many get left over!


  3. No problem at all. Good luck with your garden, and I’ll follow your great blog.

    Store bought potatoes vary as we did put some in before and got a nice crop, but they did seem quite hard and not too tasty (some of them were extremely big too!). Others we tried turned out nice and tastier than the originals. I think it all depends on which varieties you use.

    I’m not sure if you already grow these but home grown purple sprouting is heavenly…and for afters, home grown raspberries are my favourite (With organic icecream!). This is making me hungry!

    Hope you and the hens are enjoying the lovely recent sunshine!


  4. Oo yum im hungry too now! We are growing autumn raspberries, only young canes at the moment but some fruit starting to develop.
    Thanks Graham, our hens are a bit hot today but they do love to sun themselves!


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