Young Autumn King Carrots

We are harvesting young carrots at the moment and very pleased with the results, no forked or odd shaped carrots to be found. Yet! We are growing Autumn King this year and decided to leave the job of thinning the seedlings until the carrots were a decent size. This way we can munch our way through young tender carrot thinnings whilst leaving the rest in the ground to mature until autumn time. No waste!

How are your carrots coming along, which variety are you growing and do you also eat the thinnings rather than throwing them away?

5 thoughts on “Carrotastic!

  1. I put some carrots in pots and some in the ground and not a single one has come up. Only my first sowing of parsnip and beetroot have come up, no subsequent sowings. I’ve planted loads of radishes, including the purple ones you fancied but a lot are coming up blind. I had such high hopes this year as last years efforts, my first year, were drowned when the plot was turned into a quagmire. Seems ‘m a bit rubbish at this.
    Kay x


  2. Hi Kay,
    Are you using fresh seeds or last years? My dad used runner bean seeds left over from last year and his first sowings were awful!
    Also, are you sowing your carrots, beets and radish thinly? They really do need to just be covered lightly with soil rather than plunged down into a hole. Some of my radishes went to seed, no idea why……its certainly challenging growing your own, I do hope you stick at it x


  3. Hi Karen, Have had lovely carrots this year but didn’t keep the packet so I couldn’t tell you what they were! The carrots & parnips are under a little pop up greenhouse to protect them from carrot root fly & are about the only things, apart from my potatoes & broad beans that have survived the procession of ducklings that have been using our back garden! Any seedling thinnings go to my hens – they adore them. I also give them my carrot tops & spent plants eg. potatoes & beans. Love your ex-battery girls. Have just got 6 myself & they have completely melted my heart as they obvously have such a lot of living to do yet. Glad they didn’t go to slaughter! Sara x


  4. Jealous, jealous, jealous! I’ve been informed by a friend of a friend so has been veggie gardening for many years that I’ve got the wrong soil for carrots and that I need to make raised beds if I want a successful crop. Ho hum :( Hope you enjoy yours!


  5. Our carrots are doing well so far. Mainly grown in a mix of organic veg compost on top of our own soil, which, to be fair, is not too bad considering it was once home to a mass of greedy brambles.

    Try growing some carrots like Nantes varieties in deep tubs, I did last year and did very well ;)


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