The courgettes have been a bit hit and miss really, but I would say more of a hit as we are harvesting them so its all good. Despite hand pollinating as many female flowers as possible, some of the baby courgettes rotted off. On the other hand, perhaps this is natures way of helping the plants cope with their ‘brood’, the female flowers were plentiful after all. To be honest I have stopped hand pollinating now, I am interested to see how the baby courgettes fair without my interference.

As you can see from the photo the courgette in the middle nearly went on to be a marrow, it was overlooked growing away happily and should have been picked a few days prior. Its amazing how fast a courgette develops actually.

I fried some last night in a little butter…….heaven.

5 thoughts on “Courgettes

  1. I’m struggling to keep up with the courgettes at the moment – they’re coming thick and fast. I had to make a big batch of chutney on the weekend as some had got rather large despite us having something involving courgettes for dinner almost every night! Glad to hear yours are doing well. :)


  2. I think so too CW !!

    Hi Rebecca, they are lovely though :) Mmmm bet your chutney will taste good ;)


  3. My courgettes have started to fatten extra wide near the growing end , but not growing at the flower end giving a somewhat bulbous strange shape. Any ideas on what is causing this? I thought perhaps it was because the flower had dropped off early? It does not seem to affect the flavour .
    any comments welcome.


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