One Must Support One’s Mangetout


Super easy to grow and the taste is just so much better than shop bought ones. I forgot how tall the plants actually get and now my support system resembles a pathetic mish mash of chicken wire, sticks, string and bamboo canes….all struggling to support the monster plants. Its failing miserably too, its all leaning over and looking quite crap! Still, I would always find the space for mangetout, they are totally worth it. You could always try growing dwarf varieties of course, I just prefer the taller ones.

Note to self. Next year put better support in place for the mangetout!

3 thoughts on “One Must Support One’s Mangetout

  1. Sounds like my first attempts at growing cherry tomatoes this year! Nobody told me the plants would reach nearly 1.5m high and my initial efforts at support are now woefully inadequate, with the plants bending and nearly breaking in the high winds we have got down here at the moment :-( But hey, you live and learn!


  2. I am pleased to hear you have a mish mash too. I’ve been out in my garden creating what could only been described as a mish mash of wire, bamboo canes, string and twigs to support my mangetout and sugarsnap peas and I was just thinking how crap it looked! Glad I’m not alone.


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