The gooseberries are finished fruiting now and the final pickings did not even make the kitchen. Well, there was not enough fruit to make anything from them anyway, so popping them into our mouths was the obvious solution of course. Leaving them any longer was just an open invite for the birds.

We have 2 young bushes, Careless and Invicta, both very immature at present but they still produced enough fruit for a tasting session. I plan to make something yummy from them when they are more productive, any recipe ideas?

6 thoughts on “Gooseberries

  1. Hugh F-W’s Strawberry and Gooseberry Jam is wonderful. Gooseberry Jam is good and such a pretty pink colour if you use really ripe berries, but I don’t think you can go wrong with Gooseberry Fool. What’s not to like? Lightly stewed gooseberries gently mixed with lightly whipped cream and custard. Mmmmh. I always cheat and buy ready made custard though.
    Kay x


  2. Ooooh, I almost forgot. Delia’s English Gooseberry Cobbler but I had to put it in a much larger baking dish. When I followed the recipe there wasn’t enough room for the gaps that the gooseberries bubble up through and I also found that the topping was a little underdone. In a bigger dish the ratio of fruit bottom to fluffy, crispy topped, sconey topping is just perfect. I like it with custard and the OH likes it with cream, preferably clotted.
    Kay x


  3. the quality of your photos are truely professional…are you sure this is an amateur website???
    lovely blog
    I will be back


  4. Thanks for the ideas Kay, im not the best cook in the world but I do like to dabble and see what happens. I shall keep those ideas in mind for next season.

    Sara – oops naughty ducks! I would love some Indian Runners at some point so I shall remember to keep them away from the gooseberries ;)

    John – thank you for your lovely comment regarding my photography! I am glad you enjoy the blog.


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