Risky Garlic

Garlic Harvest

I’m feeling quite smug. I took a bit of a risky gamble and planted the cloves from shop bought garlic, it paid off, I was lucky. You see, I did not have any back up cultivated garlic planted, so my garlic harvest this year could have gone very wrong. I did use an organic bulb so maybe that helped a little with the success side of things. I cannot remember for the life of me which variety it was. It was a spur of the moment decision which I remember thinking would make a great experiment. Supermarket garlic are usually the soft neck varieties, the bulbs that I grew each produced a scape and have large cloves surrounding a thick(ish) central stem. So can I assume that these bulbs are hard neck? Interesting stuff.

I have lifted some nice size bulbs which have all segmented (thank you frosty February) and currently drying in the garage. I just wish I had realised at the time that garlic scapes can be used in cooking. I put mine on the compost heap!


4 thoughts on “Risky Garlic

  1. I bought the proper garlic from the garden centre and it started to grow beautifully then it all went wrong-ish. The green tops drooped and then shrivelled but I did lift some ok-ish sized bulbs. They hadn’t divided even though they were under all the February snow so it was just one round clove. The taste was wonderful though, really delicate if garlic can be described as that. The bad news is I used the last one in today’s Garlic mushroom risotto.


  2. I was gutted this year – first time I have ever planted garlic (planted it in October last year) and unfortunately a family of voles took a fancy to the ‘ail rose’ and scoffed the bloody lot! However, the shallots escaped unscathed and are now drying well and are v v tasty.


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