Cauli Curds


compact cauliflower curd

Oh dear, I seem to have hit a problem with my cauliflowers. This is the first year that I have grown cauliflowers and they were going well. The curds developed and started off small and compact. I made sure I bent the outer leaves over the curds to protect them from discolouration from the sun.

The curds now resemble this mangled mess:

Cauli Curd

As you can see they are not compact and are growing apart….a bit yellowy too. Perhaps I left them too long before harvesting? Any ideas? Anyone?

4 thoughts on “Cauli Curds

  1. Most of mine look like that too :( I’ve heard that cauliflower’s are the most temperamental veggies you can grow and I’m starting to see the truth in that!


  2. Oh dear Rebecca! I just wish I had harvested them a little sooner. I would rather small caulis than the mangled messy ones I have now. Its a learning curve for sure ;)
    Oh well, at least the butterflies like them!


  3. Hi Karen

    This happened to one of our caulis that we were keeping for a special meal. Now I cut them when they are ready (they keep for several days in the fridge and also freeze well).

    Our first year of growing them too. What I discovered is that they need lots of water. The ones at the edge of the border didn’t grow nearly as big as those in the middle with access to more water.

    They tasted good though!


  4. Thanks for the tip on water. I believe I may have left them for too long before harvesting but I shall have another go with them!


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