Beefy Beets


The first sowing of beetroot have been ready for harvesting for a couple of weeks, some have grown quite large and beefy looking but still taste very nice. Nothing is wasted, the hens just adore beetroot leaves. There have been plenty of salads with sliced beetroot for lunch and of course cheese and beetroot sandwiches. Mmmm. I must look around for some recipes before I end up with beetroot coming out of my ears and complaints about too many salads!


Apart from being packed with vitamins including folic acid, beetroots apparently also contain betaine and trytophan, which can help to relax you as well as contribute to a sense of well being. Oh, and they also make your wee pink! *giggle*

5 thoughts on “Beefy Beets

  1. I tried putting in a row of beetroot seeds a couple of weeks ago. They soon came up. Then my -ex-battery hens ate them!! So the hens are happy & well fed but my poor middle son who adores pickled beetroot has to be disappointed.


  2. I pickled much of our beetroot (I am now watching the 3rd sowing develop and have sown a 4th!), but what about a roasted beetroot relish (HFW has a good recipe in the River Cottage preserves book). Chocolate and beetroot go well together as to beetroot and orange…….?


  3. Oooh thank you so much Rebecca, I will try and do your recipe credit !
    Good luck with your beets x


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