The Plot Thickens – Bring on the Digger!

Don’t turn your back on freshly dug earth……

It could turn into this nightmare……


We took our eye off the ball with the remainder of the plot and look……. a jungle! Drowning in a sea of bindweed and other annoying weeds, our orchard area was looking bad, very bad indeed. Fear not, the weeds have since been dealt with! Actually, we cheated a bit. The mini digger we ordered to level the ground got to work on most of the weeds and root systems, only a little hand digging was needed to finish off. We don’t feel bad about not putting the man power in, we did a lot of digging and swearing just getting the brambles out. The plot has now been levelled and a brand spanking new fence has been erected which is helping to keep the Muntjac deer off the veggies. The little darlings managed to munch their way through half of the broad beans, but that’s OK, I’m not a huge fan of broad beans anyway.


The young plum tree we planted a while ago is doing well, no fruit this year but its putting on lots of growth, however, the apple trees are laden with fruit. I’m still thinning them to help their young branches cope with the weight before they snap, as well as providing support by way of bamboo cane framework. I’m looking around at pear trees at the moment, a pear tree would be nice to add to the collection. Any recommendations?

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