Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Harvest

The sweet corn is now ready for harvesting, this is the first time we have grown sweet corn and to be honest I was not certain of any success with it. I put our ‘luck’ down to a very warm spring and early summer,  just what the young plants needed to put on steady growth. I hand pollinated the silks by tapping the tassels to release the pollen, as well as running my hands over the tassels and then over the silks. Not sure if this helped or not, the hoverflies and bees were just as interested.

For me, I would describe the taste as not that different to shop bought corn cobs, but oh, how juicy! I will certainly try and grow corn again next season, its well worth the wait.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Corn

  1. If I can expand my potager this autumn then sweetcorn will certainly be on my growing list next year. What variety is yours? We tend to have rather wet springs and snow through until April down here, so may not be the right climate for growing it, but I wouldn’t mind trying!


  2. I started ours off under glass in small pots, they grew swiftly and were threatening to take over the house. I had little choice but to plant them out, I was just lucky that at the time we had a mini heat wave here for most of May. In hindsight I probably wont start them off quite so soon.

    The variety used this season were Sweet Sensation. Good luck with giving them a go.


  3. Hi Karen, wow life has been busy!

    Nice to see such suculent sweetcorn there – we’ll be growing some next year, along with the other crops I intend on starting in our new (not made them yet) raised beds.

    I can’t believe how many posts there are on blogs I follow – I wasn’t away for THAT long was I!?



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