Big Plump Blackberries

Merton Thornless Blackberries

At last our Merton Thornless blackberry canes are ready for picking, well worth the wait and it did not disappoint. Whilst waiting for the berries to ripen we snacked on wild blackberries, which were very nice indeed, but these babies oh what flavour! The berries are enormous and very very tasty (Rich showing them off in the photo) not overly sweet or bitter, just perfect in fact. The best bit of course is no fear of being ripped by thorns when harvesting, I totally recommend finding a spot in your garden for one.

Hopefully next season it will put on more growth and give a bigger yield. I might be able to make a crumble or pie!

5 thoughts on “Big Plump Blackberries

  1. Yum sounds wonderful! I keep the Merton Thornless in a large pot, just water well in dry spells, feed every now and then and it should do well. I have not decided where its final planting position will be, so will probably over winter in a pot.

    Its very nice to not be ripped to shreds by thorns, so I would give the thornless varieties a go!


  2. Hi Karen,
    the only Blackberries we have are climbing over the top of our hedge, but we do have Raspberries and Tayberries – heard of those?

    They taste similar to a mix of Gooseberries and Blackberries!



  3. I let (probably to my own detriment) some of the wild blackberry brambles grow here. The ethos is that I get to share them with the birds and mice… sometimes it works out, and sometimes I’m too late! I’ve only ever used them in homemade apple (sort of scrumped from next door… there’s a bough that hangs over and ehem…) and blackberry crumble. But BOY does it taste good. Never had enough to freeze or make jam with though, so thinking next year I’d like to try some thornless varieties. You know, just for a change, so I don’t get ripped to shreds whenever I get within two feet of the bushes!


  4. How many canes a year does your Merton put put out Karen? Ours only puts out a measly one cane a year!


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