Goodbye Brenda

Brenda looking beautiful

Brenda, one of our ex battery hens passed away today. She took herself off to the coop which is where I found her. She had 8 months of freedom, I only wish it could have been longer. I don’t like to remember her how she arrived, there are photos of her on the blog in the early days but I will use her recent ones for this post. I cannot write much more, im sorry, my heart just aches.


Goodbye Brenda, I will never forget you girl x

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Brenda

  1. So sorry to read this. You’re obviously doing something right as the others are thriving and Rose has finally got her feathers back, but the big bad battery hen industry was obviously too much for Brenda even though you gave her all the care she needed.

    If anyone reads your post who still buys products with battery produced eggs on a regular basis, then perhaps hearing of Brenda’s fate will make them think twice. Eggs from battery hens are in so many products it’s hard to avoid them totally, but we can all look out for mayonnaise, sauces, ready meals and ice cream etc made from Free Range eggs and pay a little extra to know that the chickens who laid them didn’t suffer like Brenda.


  2. So sad to see this. I comment on everything on the ex-batt forum except Rainbow bridge because it’s something I don’t like to think about. She would have had a lovely life with you and your family, things could have been so different for her. She was bred to be a battery hen so a wonderful life from a chick was never on the cards for her but her life should have ended on the day she left the cage. You made that not happen. Eight months of super care. She saw sunshine and snow. She scratched in the dirt and ate treats that you provided and those that she found herself.
    RIP Brenda.


  3. Your other chucks will give you so much pleasure, they will help your sad heart heal. (I rescued 10 battery hens in June and have lost 2 so far) but spend hours watching them and seeing them so happy, makes the loss a little less sad.


  4. Thank you so much for your comment Alana, and well done for giving some ex battery hens a home :)


  5. Oh Karen, I’m so sorry. But you’ll always remember this little lady, she’s not a forgotten hen, you know she had a wonderful life and that, I think, makes us realise that when we lose our girls, we know we’ll be OK because we did something special for them. She had a *life*, sometimes we just have to think about the quality of that life with us, rather than the quantity.

    And she took herself off and went to sleep in the most dignified way she could, the way it ought to have been. She wouldn’t have been scared or distressed, I imagine she slipped off to sleep and in the end, quiet and comfortable, and I don’t think we can wish for anything more peaceful than that.

    My personal belief is that all animals have little souls that go somewhere, or do something, and it’s part of our job to be here and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. And Brenda had that. I know she would have had a wonderful life with you. For a good chunk of her life she had everything she could have wanted, and you’ve got to just keep remembering what she had. I’m thankful that you gave her that, and I bet she wasted no time in enjoying it as much as possible :)


  6. You gave her more life than she would have ever had as a battery hen. I only wish the people who treat animals in an appalling way could spend one day in the life of one of these animals, it may make them change their minds and appreciate all animals put on this earth!


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