Sowing Garlic

Its Halloween and its time to start planting out or potting up garlic. Yum. Previously I used shop bought organic bulbs and started them off in rich compost in 3 inch pots, and if my memory serves me well I did this late January. If, unlike me, you stuck to the rules when sowing garlic then you probably would have expected our garlic growing to have gone horribly wrong. Well, it didn’t but I think it was more down to luck than judgement.

For next years garlic I shall be potting cloves up today using a mix of cultivated garlic and shop bought, just to compare. I have read that you should start planting garlic either mid October or on Halloween. Hopefully we will have success again with our garlic, it will be interesting to see which cloves do the best.

Happy Halloween and garlic planting everyone!

One thought on “Sowing Garlic

  1. Like you I planted 6 inches deep 12 fat garlic cloves [shop bought] in October 2010…& what a winter we had— BUT they are about 5inches tall & sturdy looking.So fingers crossed for a good yield


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