Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud


Well, soil  from our compost bins to be precise. It has been quietly rotting away for nearly a year now, rich in chicken poop and whatever else we could chuck at it, it looks and smells divine. We threw in some pretty manky matter into our compost bins and although we should of course expect to have crumbly, dark and gorgeous soil eventually, it still came as a pleasant surprise to see what had become of our scraps.

 Compost Heap

We emptied the bins and shovelled the soil into a wheelbarrow, then tipped it straight into some empty raised veg beds. My dad will be bringing some well rotted horse manure over in a few days time, this will be added to the soil and left to rest over winter, then we will be all set for the following spring time sowing.

The emptied bins are fast filling up again, the hens are contributing of course! We really must get around to making some extras from pallet wood.

2 thoughts on “Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

  1. Nice to see our ladies contributing even more!

    Do your ladies get to scratch around in your compost? Ours do, and they turn it into this lovely fine, dark almost sieved compost/soil type stuff. I’d definately recommend letting them if you don’t already!

    Looks like you have some good stuff there Karen – you’ve just reminded me to do the same as you – although our raised beds aren’t made yet.



  2. Hee hee, the girls had fun jumping in and out of the raised beds, they found a few worms in the soil too :)


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