Frosty Morning

Brrr baby its cold outside! A hard frost descended upon the garden smallholding last night and turned it into a magical twinkling wonderland. I find frost quite beautiful, especially with low winter sun beaming across it. I spent longer than usual letting the hens out this morning, it felt so clean and fresh outside that I wanted to enjoy the peace before facing the usual morning rushing about.

Im chuffed and amazed at myself for remembering to put the tender herbs in the mini greenhouse, im certain I would have lost a few if I hadn’t. On the other hand, im not that clued up on herbs anyway so I may eventually kill some off by accident. The pheasants are once again a welcome sight, I do miss them during the summer months. The bird feeders are topped up and feeding the hungry small birds, the pheasants and other ground feeders clean up the mess.

I moved a rhubarb clump a few weeks ago, hopefully it will be OK and come up again early spring, all the rain that we have had recently should have helped to settle it in. The raised vegetable frames are looking good, filled with fresh homemade compost and being turned regularly. I will top dress some of them with rotted horse manure in the spring. I really must get around to making a compost bin from wood, we have 13 hens now and my compost bins are filling up fast!

One thought on “Frosty Morning

  1. What a beautiful photo! It sounds like it really reflects your feeling of the day. Isn’t it wonderful watching the wild birds at the feeders? I could sit and watch ours almost all day long!


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