A Weekend of Planting Fruit Trees

This weekend we added 2 new trees to our mini orchard. We now have 3 different varieties of apple – Scrumptious, Bramley’s Seedling and Cox Orange Pippin, a Marjorie’s Seedling plum and a Williams’ Bon Chretien pear. Our Scrumptious and Cox produced good-sized fruit last season but the plum skipped fruiting altogether. However, it is now smothered in blossom so fingers crossed for plums this year.
All our trees are on a semi vigorous rootstock because we have the space, so I have been learning how to prune fruit trees paying attention to the way in which each of our chosen trees produce their fruit. For example, the Bramley’s Seedling is partial tip bearer, which means that most of the fruit is borne on the ends of the branches. For this reason it is wise not to throw caution to the wind while pruning, otherwise you may end up with no fruit for quite some time.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Planting Fruit Trees

  1. I enjoyed reading aout your chickens. I have just rescued a battery hen and need all the information I can on her well eing. Hence finding your site. I love reading about your girls. My “Mcscrunchie” is doing well a week in although she is neurotic and follows me around like a siamese twin which then leads to problems with the others I am trying to separate her fom in the day. it amazes me that these others of mine can be so ruthless and cruel in the day if they get in with her but as the evening falls they can all be together in their house as meek as sweet as you like!! I wonder how long she will be until she lays again? I would be interested to know how yours did at laying once they had rested.


  2. Hi Cherry

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Well done for taking on an ex battey hen, you won’t regret it! Once the pecking order is sorted out things will calm down, although it will be harder for your hen if she is the only new hen to be introduced to your existing flock – the attention will all be on her.

    All ex batts vary with laying, most keep laying while some take a break to allow their bodies to rest up and get stronger and grow new feathers if she is bald. Have you joined the ex battery hen forum? http://exbatteryhens.com

    Good luck with her!


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