Free Range Weather!

The weather has been glorious for nearly 2 weeks which means the hens have been enjoying lots more free time in the garden. I like to be outside with the hens while they free range, to keep an eye out for foxes. We are surrounded by farmland and I just won’t take the risk. The hens are all looking good after their late winter / early spring moult and egg laying has started to increase. We have 13 ex battery hens at the moment which is quite enough to be getting on with, we certainly have a constant egg supply! I cannot remember the last time we had to buy eggs.

It suddenly dawned on me last night that during my short absence from the blog I missed out an important date – Chrissie and Auntie Marge celebrated a year of freedom on 22nd February this year! From the photo above Chrissie is second on the left and Auntie Marge is first on the right, as you can see they look amazing for ex battery hens. Chrissie has health issues but she is doing OK.

The other 2 hens in the photo are Becki and Hope, they are also doing very well. Hopefully they will celebrate a year of freedom next month too, fingers tightly crossed.

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