The Peas Are Planted


The mangetout seedlings were reaching  for the stars in the mini greenhouse so I began to leave the protective cover off them during the day to harden them off.  I planted a row yesterday and they have curled their tendrils round the chicken wire to support themselves already, clever little things.

I grew Reuzensuiker mangetout last season and did very well with this variety, so fingers crossed for a bumper crop soon. I am popping fleece over the young plants at night just in case a late frost threatens although they should be OK, I have a second batch of seedlings tucked away in the greenhouse just in case. Anything that doesn’t get used here goes to my son’s school for their vegetable patch. I gave them quite a few seedlings last year which were planted by the children during the vegetable gardening afternoon club.

Which pea variety is your absolute favourite?


  1. I love golden snow peas and ‘Tall Telephone’ podding peas. I had to get used to the faded look of the golden peas but they’re so easy to spot on the vine. It makes picking easy and they look gorgeous contrasted with their blue/purple flowers.

    Yours are looking healthy in your photo! :)

  2. this is my first year for growing peas- why do the tips of the leaves go black and when u touch them they it is crisp.

  3. Hilary – I’m wondering if your peas have been nipped by a night frost recently?

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