Goodbye Lizzie

I write this post with a heavy heart and great sadness. Lizzie had another vet visit yesterday morning which went well, the vet was very pleased with how her wounds were healing. On the way home she tried to lay an egg which was proving very difficult for her. I had a look at her vent and was shocked to see that the opening was almost sealed shut from scar tissue. This was not good at all so we turned the car around and rushed her back to the vet.

Her injuries deeper inside were much worse than I and her lovely vet initially realised, the healing process producing scar tissue was sealing her insides shut. Nothing could be done for her, eventually she would not be able to defecate. I had to say goodbye to her which broke my heart.

The bond we had developed this week was amazing and it hurts even more because of that. I was making all sorts of plans for her, she was going to have her own accommodation because she was too traumatised to go back with her flock, and I was thinking of giving her some duck eggs to raise as she had gone broody. Now she is gone.

Goodbye my beautiful Lizzie, I did my best but you were too damaged to repair. I will miss you xx

20/04/08 (rescue day) – 08/05/10

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Lizzie

  1. So sorry Karen. It’s so hard when you have cared for them and nursed them. My bond was strong with my last ex-batt, and this last time when she was poorly she asked to come inside and be cared for. She dies two days later. Not many people understand how heart-breaking it is. Big huds xx


  2. Very sorry to hear about this Karen.
    It’s surprising how much of a bond we develop with our chickens.
    I think we get very used to them simply being there and becoming a big part of our gardens and our lives.


  3. Such a shame. It’s hard to understand why chickens do such things to each other, but then we humans are just as bad.


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