Wigwam and Frame Cane Grips

I made a fab discovery at my local garden centre last weekend – dual purpose cane grips for supporting climbing beans and peas. I already had the circular type cane grip, with slots for canes to create a wigwam, but these particular cane grips have sections that clip together to do just that, or you can separate the sections to create other types of support such as a ridge frame for supporting a long row of runner beans.

No more garden twine round canes for me, just look at what I made earlier! I made this small ridge support frame for my French beans in next to no time. It was very easy to put together and the canes are held firmly in place. Yeah I know, I’m very easily pleased!

2 thoughts on “Wigwam and Frame Cane Grips

  1. What a great idea. There is allways someone out there coming up with wonderful ideas. I often think why couldn’t I have thought of that? Maybe my brain is too clouded with all things children…….


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