How to Plant Leeks

Yesterday I took the plunge and planted out the leek seedlings, they are a first for me so I have no idea how they will do. Leeks are planted out in a slightly different way to other vegetables, I did a bit of swotting up before planting  them into their final position. This is how I did it:

When your leek seedlings are around 6 inches tall or the width of a pencil they are ready for planting.

Push a dibber completely into the soil to create deep planting holes, around 6 inches deep should do it.

Drop a leek seedling into each hole.

Using a watering can,  fill the holes to the top with water. A little soil will cover the roots which will help to settle the leeks in, don’t be tempted to back fill the holes with soil – the leeks need the space for their stems to swell. Don’t worry, soil will naturally fill in over time.

With a bit of luck I might have a good crop of leeks to harvest from late autumn to early spring.

6 thoughts on “How to Plant Leeks

  1. Excellent advice there Karen!

    I love leeks – especially with cheese and ham…mmmm!

    If only someone would come dig our plot over…

    …want to volunteer?



  2. I cheated and bought some seedlings last year. I found they took a long time to develop, but we had some good sized ones recently. Maybe I planted them too late or maybe the weather wasn’t right for them last year. Good luck with yours.


  3. Hi Karen,
    I think I will try to grow some leeks. I have done so in the past but has it has been a disaster. From looking at your entry I see where I went wrong. Leeks will definately be on the menu for Spring!


  4. Hi Karin, I cheated too and bought the seedlings a while ago. They were very small so I grew them on in pots till they thickened up. Hopefully they will do well :) x

    Hi Sarah, where did you go wrong out of interest? I have no idea how these will turn out, but it’s fun trying :) Good luck with your next attempt x


  5. I know where I went wrong, I planted them too early, they should have been a little bigger and also I planted them at the height of our summer, not a good time for leeks in Australia. Also I didn’t plant them deep enough. This time I am going to get it right and plant them at the end of winter. Good luck with yours.


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