Harvesting Mangetout

I have been harvesting the mangetout recently, a few pods at a time at first but now a good picking session is needed to keep up with them. I love the sweet taste of mangetout. The support frame is bearing up too which is a good job really because the plants are quite heavy now.

I have a second batch just starting to flower, hopefully to extend the picking season. What are you currently harvesting?

6 thoughts on “Harvesting Mangetout

  1. Wow, you are doing well. We are harvesting lettuces, radishes, turnips, courgettes, spring greens, spinach and swiss chard. I am fighting a losing battle at the moment trying to keep up with it all. Today I have been freezing some of the surplus. I have got peas growing but have not tried mange tout before but, after reading your blog, that will definitely be on my list from now on.
    Many thanks for inspiring me



  2. Thanks for your comment Mary! I am also harvesting radish and lettuce, the spring onions will be ready soon and also salad potatoes. My courgettes are not ready yet so your off to a flying start!


  3. Great photo of your mange tout, what variety are you growing?

    I can’t wait for my mange tout, ever since the first time I saw their flowers I grow them every year. This year I’m growing the yellow podded variety from Real Seeds so I can’t wait to see and eat the pods.

    I’m harvesting radishes, broad beans, spinach and the odd shallot (they are not quite ready but I like to add them to stir-frys)


  4. Hi Tracey, thanks for your comment :)

    I’m growing Reuzensuiker,a maincrop variety. I like the sound of yellow pods, this would make picking easy due to the pods being easy to spot. Nothing worse than a mangetout pod left on the plant too long.


  5. We are also picking snow peas (mange Tout). It could be a better crop but it is coming down to lack of sunlight and a cold winter. We also have a few beans, but on the whole it is looking quite grim. Bring on Spring!!! 21st of June is Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the turning point for us sunloving Aussies!Beutiful photos Karen!


  6. Hi Sarah,
    Our summer is just starting but it’s a bit hit and miss right now, its either very hot or very wet! Not a good combination for potatoes and tomatoes :/


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