Another Sad Loss – Rest In Peace Mrs N

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Mrs N, she was slowing down and becoming weak and our vet agreed she possibly had kidney failure. She had just over 2 years of freedom and I know I should be satisfied with that but having a chicken for that long leaves a huge gap in the hen-house, especially so soon after losing Lizzie.

I shall miss her.

Rest in peace you beautiful girl x

8 thoughts on “Another Sad Loss – Rest In Peace Mrs N

  1. That is very sad, but you have to remember you gave her an extra two years of life and showed her how good life could be outside the battery cage. The trouble is Warrens are bred to lay so many eggs and the more they lay, the shorter their lives anyway and on top of that they had a poor start in life as battery hens. Perhaps three years old is pretty good going for an ex-bat.

    I’m amazed our girls are laying as well this year as last year, but that has to shorten their lives substantially, so we’re waiting to see how long they will be with us, although we’re hoping for at least another year. I think they may expect to live for five years, but that’s with a good start in life, good food and exercise, which your girls did not get.

    Try and hold on to how much longer and better Mrs N’s life was thanks to you.


  2. Thank you Karin & Sarah x

    Karin, Mrs N was approx 3.5 – 4 years old. She most likely did at least 18 months in the battery farm, maybe longer. Mrs N stopped laying a long time ago and slowly went down hill. I have 4 of her ‘sisters’ left at this age and 3 of them are still laying well so I should think your hens will go on a lot longer than any of mine ever will.

    I choose to keep ex battery hens, I get so much pleasure from them even though I know I’m going to experience sad times too. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a silly batty face and they have such amazing characters – all of them so very different.

    I have taken on 3 hens that were in the cages for 2 years, they will be 3 years old at the end of this year and all still lay for now. Not all of them see a year of freedom, it’s such a buzz when they do. Two finger salute to the battery system from my girls and me.


  3. Sad news,but you have to be reminded of the wonderful life you have given to these girls.
    Love Kay x


  4. Sorry to hear about your loss Karen. At least you gave Mrs N 2 great years away from the battery system and she looks like such a cheeky chicken in your photo.


  5. Sounds like Mrs N was a good age for a chicken who had started life in an abusive home, then. If her fellow inmates live longer they’re clearly luckier, but it’s also down to your good care. It’s good you want to give hens like them a taste of the good life before they go to the chicken run in the sky. I don’t think I could do that.


  6. Sorry you lost one of your ladies, and even more sorry I haven’t been around the last two months to read it then!

    Life has been difficult the last few months, with a lot of ‘stuff’ to deal with, we lost one of our ladies too. She was about 6 or 7 when we got her about 3 years ago, so she had a good life.

    Sad when they go though isn’t it.



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