It’s Never Long Enough

Since my last post (which was quite some time ago) I have sadly lost 2 further hens, my beloved Hope and then Chrissie. Hope developed egg yolk peritonitis and went down hill very suddenly while Chrissie (who had battled so long with a mass in her abdomen) lost her long fight – and what a fight she fought. To say I have so much respect for my hens is an understatement. I never regret having given them that chance.

So, I guess you can forgive me for not keeping the blog updated?! I have been too sad to post about recent goings on and couldn’t summon the will to do it. On another sad note I have another hen that is giving me nightmares, so we shall see how things go with her. All of my hens have had a good bash at life, but as anyone who keeps these fantastic little blighter’s will tell you, it’s never long enough.

Oh, by the way,  thank you all for the fantastic comments that have greeted me on my first return to the blog since losing Mrs N. It means so much! Keep reading, I am around and will be back to ‘veggie and henny business’ soon xx

5 thoughts on “It’s Never Long Enough

  1. Hi Karen,
    great to see one of my fave bloggers back on the scene!

    I hope everything goes well and if it does go bad, that things go quick and painless for your ‘lady’.

    Take care and see you soon hopefull!



  2. Glad you have returned to the blogosphere, but sorry to hear you have lost 2 more hens. I thought you were probably just busy enjoying the summer holidays. As I’m sure I said before, hopefully you can take comfort in the knowledge that you gave your hens a good life after their ordeal in the battery cages, and you gave them the best care you could.

    I look forward to hearing more from you about your garden and your surviving hens.


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