Another Loss

This morning Auntie Marge passed away, she developed a mass on her side and went downhill very suddenly. She was a sorry-looking soul when she first arrived here from the battery farm but she soon feathered up, becoming quite the greedy character. She adored her food and often took herself to bed with a crop fit to burst! So many BIG characters have gone these past few months, I miss them all very much.

Goodbye my sweet Auntie Marge xx

7 thoughts on “Another Loss

  1. Very sorry to hear that. You are having a bad time of it just now, Karen. Hope this is the last for some while. How many are left? Sending you a virtual hug, ((Karen)).


  2. Oh no!

    I am so sad that another hen has died, but yes it is a fact that with ex bats, we have to expect this at any time. You gave her a wonderful life and I am sure a painless end.



  3. So sorry to read this Karen. I know that when you lose a girl you feel awful, to lose more than one in a short time is devastating. I felt such a failure when I lost 2 close together, but don’t ever forget that without you those girls would have gone a long time ago. They have done things they couldn’t have dreamt of. How can you dream of the sky and grass and sunshine when you have never seen them
    Well done for saving those girls.
    Kay Xxx


  4. Thank you all, really appreciate your time to comment xxx
    Karin, I have 8 girls left to love and treasure, I am keeping everything crossed that none leave me anytime soon.
    Kay, I understand how you feel, it’s never easy to lose a hen let alone one after the other. I know they have to leave us one day, doesn’t make it any easier though :(


  5. Sorry to hear another one of your ladies has gone, let’s hope that’s the last one for a while eh?

    Are you thinking of getting any more to replace the ones you’ve lost – or will you stick to the 8 you have now?

    Best wishes.


  6. Hi Stiggy!
    I still get around 3 eggs per day from 8 hens which is plenty for us, I have some ex batts that are quite old now (nearly 3 years out of the farm) but they still lay!
    I will get more girls at some point, who knows I might even slip a Bluebelle or 2 in with them ;)


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