Last Harvest of Onions

I have been a bit slow to lift the remainder of the onions, with the heavy downpours that we have had here lately I decided it’s probably a good idea to get on with it before they rot. I chose a sunny day and popped the last of the Red Baron onions on a bench in the sun to dry out completely, then moved them into trays to store in the garage. I am hoping they store better than last years onions, most of them rotted but I didn’t dry them completely before storing.

How do you store your onions?

4 thoughts on “Last Harvest of Onions

  1. I haven’t grown enough to store so far. We tend to use them up in a few weeks, but you’ve reminded me I could have a few left in the ground. I’ll go and look tomorrow.


  2. I also had a bit of a failure storing onions last winter. This year I have used onion bags from Amazon which are lined in black cloth to keep the onions absolutely in the dark. Some have now been stored for two months and, so far, look wonderful.
    The bags are excellent quality, cheap and washable so hopefully will last for many years.


  3. First time that I’ve grown onions this year (from sets picked up in Homebase, so no idea what type they are, just ‘red’ or ‘yellow’!). Lifted them about a month ago and have strung some up to dry which seems to have worked very well. A few of the ones left in a basket pre-plaiting have been lost to mould so I think air-drying them properly is the thing to remember for next year. Perhaps I lifted mine too early; it’s such a learning curve this, isn’t it?


  4. My problem is that I haven’t actually grown enough Red Barons this year to store, because I eat so many of them. I did have a few left over but they’re so piddly that they’re sitting in my fruit bowl, and I tend to use them if we’re a bit short on the other onions. I like Mary’s idea about the onion bags. I just tend to store my white onions in a an old log bag, hanging up in the utility room where it’s not too bright and doesn’t get humid or hot.


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