I planted my very first Leek seedlings in May and was fascinated by the way they are just dropped into holes and pretty much left to get on with it. It did seem very alien to me planting this way and to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect, but here we are in September and they have come on really well. Big strapping Leeks and very tasty I am pleased with my first attempt at growing Leeks even though some have bolted and are not quite as good. Perhaps the hot spell in the summer had something to do with it, despite trying my very best to keep them well watered. Any ideas why some of the Leeks have bolted?

2 thoughts on “Leeks

  1. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by my blog – funnily enough, I was also looking at your blog yesterday via the same route! I would love to be added to your faves and will do likewise – I’m very envious of Londoners who’ve escaped to rural bliss! (I’m not allowed to keep chickens here, sadly.)

    The photo of your leeks is lovely – all you need is a little rabbit in a blue jacket and we’d be in Mr MacGregor’s garden! And I’m sure your chard will do just as well.

    Btw, your guess is correct about your leeks bolting – hot weather and plenty of water. I had the same with my spinach and have learnt that cooler season veg are best in slight shade – even if it means creating shade with a cloth cover (hence snapping up bargain ‘Build-A-Ball’ corners in the Lakeland sale!).


  2. Your leeks look great! I have a dozen or so to plant in the next few weeks. It should have been 3 dozen but I forgot to water them in the greenhouse and a lot died, I have a feeling I may have the same problem with mine bolting, if we get a really hot Spring, I will let you know how I go. I love leeks, they are so versatile.


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