Poor Pumpkin

I decided a little late in the year to try growing Pumpkins, something I have wanted to try for a while but concerned as usual that there would not be enough space. After a lot of mumbling and frowning I did a last-minute sowing of Racer that produced 2 strong plants, I then planted these in an unused patch of weedy ground, and pretty much ignored them. To my horror one of the plants gave up and died, the other kept growing away happily and produced a fruit. Just as I was starting to feel very smug about my baby Pumpkin, I suddenly remembered that we were having a new fence put up. You guessed it, the new fence would be built right where my poor Pumpkin was! I had no choice but to harvest it while green and then place it in the sun to cure and ripen. A few weeks later it doesn’t look too bad and is almost completely orange now, not a bad size either considering. Oh well, I will probably let my children have this one for carving (hopefully it won’t rot in the meantime) and start again next year.

What are your favourite variety of pumpkin to grow?

5 thoughts on “Poor Pumpkin

  1. We have grown typical jack-o-lantern pumpkins and little gourds that look like mini-pumpkins. We have tried growing giant pumpkins but they have not worked out so far. One year I had a jack-o-lantern that started turning orange in July. Needless to say, that one didn’t make it to Halloween.


  2. I haven’t tried growing pumpkins yet, but I am having success for the first year ever in growing butternut squashes. Looking forward to cooking with them, as they’re great in curries and soups (two of my favourite types of food).


  3. I have just planted some Musquee de Provence pumpkins and Jap pumpkins so I will have to wait and see. I assumed they would be easy to grow, but now I am feeling a little less confident. We had loads of pumpkins growing in our paddocks when I was young and they grew from pumpkin scraps with no love or attention, but saying that it was in Northern New South Wales where the weather is balmy all year round.



  4. My pumkins (Jack-Be-Little and Atlantic Giant) were eaten as seedlings by the pigeons (one part of London life I wouldn’t miss!). We’re going to carve pumpkins as well – going off to Fortnums where they’re having a pumpkin carving competition end of Oct. First Prize? A bespoke witch’s broomstick! I’m giving away a pumpkin carving book on the blog, if you’re interested …


  5. I have not been to visit your blog in forever! I am sorry. It has been lovely catching up on your posts, and seeing all the beautiful things you have been growing. I love your little pumpkin! I bet you will have a big lush patch of them next year.

    I have been loving our squash patch this year. I am always amazed at how extensivly each vine grows. We have a couple more weeks until all of ours are ripe, but I look forward to harvesting them! We have some Cinderella Pumpkins this year, they are always so beautiful!


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