A New Year

Hello blog!

It’s been a while since I last updated my poor neglected blog – I know, I’m crap! I’m sorry to report a few more losses within the flock, sadly Rose and Dolly have passed away so this now leaves 6 hens here at the garden smallholding. At the moment they are all getting along just fine and just starting to come into lay again. Bringing more hens in at this point would probably cause unnecessary stress and problems for them, to be honest I could do without the hassle. Six laying hens are plenty for our needs.

The vegetable garden was a hit and miss during the harsh weather, the good old leeks, garlic and parsnips survived their blanket of snow and ice, but the young peas and winter onions are all but a distance memory. Never mind, I can always get going again with the peas, the onions can wait. Besides, I still have some left in store from summer so all is good.

So how have YOU all been doing with your winter growing (if you did any) and your chickens?

2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. So sorry to hear that you’ve lost another two hens :( Mine have survived the weather well and after clearing out their rather muddy pond *ahem* I mean run today, they definately much happier. Just starting to lay with gusto again too.

    Still claiming a few leeks off the allotment, and what with broad beans pushing through it seems that the new season is upon us already!



  2. Karen you are not ‘crap’. I expect you haven’t updated your blog too often is because you are doing far more important things, which make you anything but ‘crap’. I am sorry to hear you have lost another 2 hens. You are clearly very attached to your birds. At least you know you gave them the best life they could have had after their time as battery hens.

    As you say, six hens is probably plenty for you at the moment. Even though our 3 don’t lay every day, we still have enough eggs for the two of us, and probably would still have enough if the kids were still both at home. I’m always giving them away.


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