Snug as a Bug Box

Beneficial wildlife such as ladybirds, lacewings, bees and hoverflies are a very welcome sight here at the garden smallholding. I put a great deal of thought and care into attracting these wonderful little pollinators and pest munchers, it made perfect sense to include a safe haven for them to hibernate during winter or just escape a sudden heavy downpour.


Ideally the bug box should have been put in place during autumn just before the onset of winter, bit late I know but it’s already being occupied! Putting a bug box in the garden was on my to do list that I never actually got around to doing, I bought this lovely pre-made box to get a head start. I fully intend on making some boxes of my own, I have the raw materials to hand and some ideas from books and the internet to keep our bug friends safe and snug this autumn. Bugtastic!

8 thoughts on “Snug as a Bug Box

  1. Good idea. We bought a home for solitary bees last year, but too late for it to be colonised, so we’re hoping for residents to move in this Spring.


  2. I think that these are a great idea!
    I grow all sorts of flowers on the plot so get lots of bees, hoverflies and ladybirds, and there’s a log pile for various insects to overwinter in. Flighty xx


  3. I have a log pile too, hoping that newts and toads will use it or perhaps hedgehogs. I plan on growing more flowers than I did previously, especially sunflowers!


  4. I’ve seen frogs in my washing up bowl pond which is near the log pile.
    Good for you, I grow lots of flowers on the plot which this year will include six varieties of sunflowers. Last year I had parakeets chomping through the flower heads of the giant singles!


  5. So lovely to see you here in blog land again! I love ways to attract native bugs, they are wonderful pollinators, and create a beautiful balance in the garden. I need to get one of these up some day! I plan on planting flowers in the veggie garden this summer to get them moving among my plants.


  6. Karen, we bought it at the Hampshire Green Fair last year, from a young man who makes them for a living (or maybe to supplement his income).


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