My Wish List

I always have a list of fruit and veg that I would like to grow, it’s constantly being added to so I have to be realistic and try a few new things at a time – I think it’s fun to set myself a little goal and go from there. As long as I don’t completely under-estimate growing space going spare I usually get stuck in and get my hands dirty. This is my list of new things that I’m going to try to grow this year:

  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • Asparagus (from seed)
  • Purple sprouting broccoli
  • Borlotti beans

Do you have a list of new things to grow this year?

17 thoughts on “My Wish List

  1. I grow Jerusalem Artichokes for the flowers rather than the tubers, and Borlotti beans which are good to look at and eat!
    I’m growing leeks, swedes and turnips for the first time rather than be given them by my ever generous plot neighbour. xx

  2. I have nothing BUT a long list of new things I am going to try to grow this year – including purple sprouting broccoli and Jerusalem artichokes. I have a new allotment to play with, and suddenly have space in the ground to grow veg not just the pots I can cram on to the patio. I am excited and nervous in approximately equal measure. The only things I feel reasonably confident about are French beans and courgettes, which I have been growing in pots for years. The rest? We’ll see!

  3. Hi. I have just found your blog, and it makes great reading!! :)
    Funnily enough, 3 of your new varieties are also on my new varieties list to try this year… the only one i have grown before is the purple sprouting so i am trying the other ones myself, aswell as Oca and Sweet potatoes.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your results late in the year on your blog pages.

  4. Growing asparagus from seed seems a bit ambitious to me, Karen, but perhaps you aren’t in any hurry to eat the asparagus. I put in a couple of crowns two years ago, so if they’ve survived the Winter I shall be able to start eating the spears this May. As it’s only me who likes them it won’t matter that there are just a few spears at a time.

    I prefer globe artichokes to the Jerusalem variety myself. The one I grew from seed 2 years ago seems to have survived the cold weather, although slightly battered, I’m not sure about the other one, which I bought last year. At least with Jerusalem artichokes Winter won’t cause the plants any problems.

    I like the idea of growing purple sprouting broccoli and I found I have some seeds that need using soon, so perhaps I shall give them a go this year.

    It’s good to read other gardeners’ blogs for inspiration.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, it’s great to read all your new growing experiences and plans for the year.

    I have been told asparagus from seed is very straight forward. Yes, you will have to wait longer to harvest spears but that’s OK with me. I have bought some male seeds (females produce berries and not much else) so I started out on the right foot. Buying crowns can work out expensive, my seeds cost about £2, so it’s worth a bash. I do hope you get to enjoy your spears this May/June Karin :)

  6. I haven’t really planned that far! I will probably sow the lot – say 30 seeds and see what happens.

  7. I planted purple sprouting last year for the first time, it came through the really cold weather ok and it’s protected from chicken beaks but just as I could see little purple bits appearing the plants have both drooped. Any ideas? My rhubarb does not seem to want to put an appearance in, there is no sign of it. We have to look for it as it is in the middle of the chicken’s run so when it pokes through the ground the bright red shoot will be like a red flag to a bull so it’ll have to be protected too.

  8. I’ve given up on Jerusalem artichokes, I’m afraid. The plants are amazing; 12 foot tall (may need support) and the flowers are pretty but I did find the tubers hard work. Once I’d palmed some off on my neighbours they didn’t want anymore! The taste is fairly bland and, it has to be said, they give you terrible wind!!!

    The last time I grew them, a couple of years ago, I ended up given two trug buckets of the tubers to a neighbour’s pigs. Now they did appreciate them. How they dealt with the flatulance was anyones guess as my house was 600yds upwind from them!

    Be interested to see what you think of them!

  9. David, your comment had me howling with laughter! I think I want to grow them more for the flowers, but I will keep in mind the ‘wind’ issue!

  10. Kay, I have no idea why your PSB gave up. Your rhubarb should be making an appearance soon, not sure what variety you have?

  11. It is Raspberry Red and knowing how chickens are attracted to the colour it is imperative that we find it first. Lol.

  12. Oh yes, chickens love the colour red! I have Timperley Early and it starts poking through the soil in January. Well worth buying a crown if you have the room.

  13. We have found the rhubarb (I must mark it as it dies back this year), the chickens had been pecking at it as it poked through. It now has an upturned old supermarket basket over it. I can’t wait as this will be the first year I can harvest it properly.
    Kay x

  14. Oh dear! My wish list is huge this year since we moved to a new home. There is no established garden at the house we are renting, so I am starting from scratch! I even have to build up the soil before I can plant anything….. So I have a long list of things that I want to grow this year. I am going to try a couple new things this year, like growing flowers such as calendula, marigolds and zinnias mixed in with my veggies for natural pest control. I also want to try some new herbs this year. I am not so patiently looking at the snow outside our house, watching the bare spots Slowly grow, hoping we don’t get a surprise layer of new snow. Spring is a little ways off here, but I can keep dreaming. And for now I will rest my muscles that are going to get so much work puting in a new garden!

  15. Well, it turned out that the rhubarb I was protecting was a dandelion. Duh! I searched and searched but couldn’t find the rhubarb. I had given up, I thought it was lost forever then yesterday, da da, I found it. It is coming through as sticks of rhubarb with no leaves. Mmmh? Chickens perchance? I think so.
    Kay x

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