Giving Brussels Sprouts Another Go

A couple of years ago I grew sprouts for the first time,  it went OK  but I made mistakes. I didn’t pick the buttons quick enough and they all ‘blew’. This was not due to having too many plants to harvest all at once but more a case of  being a bit too relaxed about it. Aim to pick sprouts while they are small and firm, start from the bottom and work your way up the plant – you can use a sharp knife or simply snap them off with a downwards motion. Downy mildew proved to be a bit of a problem later on, I thought I had allocated enough space between each plant, obviously not enough. Remove leaves that have started to yellow (usually from the bottom first) to reduce the risk of disease.

I have decided to give sprouts another go this year and have chosen Bosworth F1 with good resistance to downy mildew. Seeing as I am the only one who likes sprouts I don’t have to grow many plants – just enough for me. Yay!

6 thoughts on “Giving Brussels Sprouts Another Go

  1. Good luck, I’ll be interested to see how you get on. I’ve never grown them as I’m not that fussed about them so grow vegetables I prefer. Perhaps one day… xx


  2. They need space so your right not to bother if your not that fussed about them, they’re not everyones cuppa. Thanks Flighty, hopefully I will get a good crop and with a bit of planning perhaps some with Christmas dinner – not that I’m wishing the year away…!


  3. We made the same mistake this year. I was saving the sprouts for Christmas, but then we had some delivered with the veg box and what with the snow we never ate them in time. The chickens loved them, though and having the whole plant kept them amused for a while.

    Good luck with this year’s attempt. Not sure if we shall try this year. I’ll see how much room we’ve got.


  4. I’m going to try sprouts, so your guide to healthy ones was very timely. I’m going to try planting them out in the bed I am growing First Earlies in, though it may mean I don’t get them in as early as I would like. I’m hoping the wind will help with the mildew issue (very windy site) but I will have to earth up and support I think.


  5. I’m going to try planting the seedlings deeper this time, it’s meant to help as they grow – what with all the extra weight the plants have to carry.


  6. Glad you’re going to try sprouts again. I hated them when I was a little ‘un, had a running battle with my mum over eating the things.

    Now I’ve grown them I love them. Plus you get the chance to pick them when they’re small and sweeter.

    Good luck!


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