Unlucky Crop?

Following on from my previous post, it got me thinking. Do you have an unlucky crop? You know, one veg/fruit that you just always seem to struggle with or have bad luck growing.

I do. Broad beans.

I hadn’t really thought about it before, about how much hassle they seem to be, for me I mean. But the weird thing is, I don’t even like them that much but I do enjoy the challenge of growing them (well it is for me anyway) and everything seems to come right in the end and I end up harvesting a decent yield!

Freak weather rotting off the seed in the ground, plants being earthed up by next doors cat while it does a toilet in my veg bed (nice), mice eating the seed (I think) oh and not forgetting a couple of years ago I caught muntjac deer helping themselves to the pods. Just a few examples of my misfortunes. Do you have an unlucky crop?

11 thoughts on “Unlucky Crop?

  1. Like you broad beans… see my comment on your last post!
    My carrots are never much good either but I keep trying and perhaps one year I’ll be surprised! xx


  2. The jury is out on this one. I’ll let you know at the end of the year, as this is my first year of serious vege growing, though I suppose strictly speaking it can’t become my unlucky crop until I’ve tried and failed a couple of times.


  3. Got to be parsnips for me. I am eternally rubbish at them.

    I’ve tried sowing direct, sowing in toilet rolls, late sowings, early sowings…

    This year I’m trying to grow them in florist buckets. Reckon it might be my stony soil that causes the problems.

    Good luck with the broad beans!


  4. Ah! Another broad bean sufferer (Flighty) I see! Good luck with your carrots this year.

    Hi Janet, good luck with your plot and veg growing this year.

    Jono, so far (touching wooden head) I do OK with parsnips, I’ve only been growing them for a couple of years but I’ve heard they can be a real nightmare for some people, even getting them to germinate proving tricky. The buckets sound like a good idea to me, I do know once they hit a stone they turn alien-like. I use raised beds full of soft compost (mostly homemade thanks to the chickens) and I think this really helps matters. Good luck with your parsnips, try Gladiator F1 if you can, lovely big roots.


  5. Same here with the broad beans, usually black fly and because we don’t spray anything it can get quite bad, Parsnips are usually good and we tried swede last year but the chooks pretty much destroyed those and we ended up with just three. Peas were rubbish last year but brill the year before.


  6. Aubergines :(
    They grow, flower, set fruit….but never really develop.
    This year the seeds will get a good talking to before they get sown :)


  7. Mo, I tried growing Aubergines a few years ago. I got a few beautiful flowers and a fruit around the size of a marble! Do you grow yours in a greenhouse?


  8. Carrots.

    I suspect we should give them the same treatment we do our Parsnips (raised bed filled with a mix of de-stoned soil and home made compost but I just can’t get excited enough about carrots to bother.


  9. We just lost some snap peas and broccoli we planted…both 4 in potted and sown seeds. Some critter has been after them. Matti


  10. Yep, grew them in a greenhouse. They have one last chance in the Polytunnel this year then I shall give up. As you say, the flowers are lovely :)


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