Jerusalem Artichokes

I received some Jerusalem artichoke tubers in the post from a very generous person recently. It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so Rich made a new raised bed using off-cuts of timber lying around, then we got digging, (with help from some feathery friends) prepared the ground for planting and popped the tubers in. I’ve no idea how they will all do but hopefully they will soar upwards and reward with a display of flowers, adding height and interest to the vegetable garden – probably my main reason for growing them.

I don’t think I’ve eaten Jerusalem artichokes before, after hearing how they make you pass wind frequently I’m not in a great hurry to either!

8 thoughts on “Jerusalem Artichokes

  1. Hi Jason,
    Yes they are having a good dig about in one of my raised beds, great little rotavators!


  2. Hi Karen

    I’m sure you won’t have any problem with your ‘chokes. They’re pretty difficult not to grow, really.

    Our chickens are proving to be so much fun. I’ve been planting fruit trees and a beech hedge in my own garden and they are constantly getting in the way and squabbling over the juiciest worm. (Having dug a 60 foot stretch of ground for beech hedging, I was a little alarmed at how full the chickens’ crops were!!! They never stop eating).

    My dogs don’t quite understand why they’re not allowed to bite or at least chase them but are being very well behaved – on the whole.


  3. Hi David,

    Glad to hear your enjoying having chickens around, they are fun to watch – terrible time wasters! ;0


  4. We didn’t like them, but they do look nice growing :) We shall probably have them growing forever nowas it’s unlikely that we shall ever get all the tubers out!


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