Blackcurrant Scent

Is it just me or am I the only one who finds the scent of blackcurrant foliage irresistible?

It’s an unusual smell and probably not to everyone’s liking but I just adore it. Now that my blackcurrant bush is bursting into life with fresh zesty leaf bud, I’m finding the urge to smell it difficult to resist. In fact, I spend so much time inhaling the lovely blackcurrant aroma that I’m sure a leaf bud will disappear up one of my nostrils very soon.

14 thoughts on “Blackcurrant Scent

  1. I have a redcurrant bush too but mine doesn’t really have much of a scent, well, not as strong as blackcurrant anyway! My redcurrant is nowhere near being in leaf yet.


  2. It’s funny as a young boy I often picked the blackcurrents for mum but have no recollection of the scent. Nowadays I have little sense of smell or taste but will go to my plot neighbour Mary’s bushes sometime to have a smell! xx


  3. Ha ha! I’ve got you all at it now! You may find it repulsive (I’ve heard others saying the smell reminds them of cat pee) but I really like it. Always was a strange girl!


  4. I was moving the red hot pockers and thought i smelt cat pee,i was standing next to the blackcurrant bush at the time… so now i know…… sorry next doors’ cat.


  5. Lovely photo Karen. Interesting that Fran thinks blackcurrants smell like cat pee, I have a flowering currant (Ribes) and that stinks too! It still doesn’t stop me from having currant bushes and I may well add blackcurrants to my garden. They are selling cheap in Wilkinsons at the moment and as I am a budget gardener, I may just buy a few.


  6. +1 for the people who’d never thought of sniffing his blackcurrents before now… I’ll give it a go when I’m up at the allotment at the weekend now though, I’m intreiged! ;) lol


  7. Thanks Ronnie! I check out the ‘dead’ section in my local nursery, always worth a gamble!

    Let me know what you think of the smell Paul!


  8. I recently bought a small blackcurrant bush but didn’t know about the foliage scent. On your recommendation I’ll give it a try!


  9. Memories of staying wth my grandmother include going to the garden to pick black currants, and also to pinch the leaves and smell them. I love that smell, even though I haven’t encountered it in many years, living in the tropics now. I can still remember the beautiful smell, and wonder if dried leaves would retain it?


  10. I’ve heard before that blackcurrant leaves smell like blackcurrant while the flowering currant smells somewhat cat pee like and so does the red/whitecurrant. I’ve only grown the two latter though, so I don’t have a blackcurrant nearby to make a direct comparison.


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