Allotment Plot


I applied for a plot at my village allotments yesterday, I’m really excited and nervous for some strange reason! My name has been placed on a very short waiting list so fingers crossed I’m offered a plot soon. The allotments are brand new, everyone in the village had an opportunity to get a plot but I held back not wanting to rush in because I felt guilty for the growing space that I have in my garden, instead I waited until everyone in the village had a chance.

Now that I’m on the waiting list for a plot I don’t feel so greedy and it feels fair to me. I really want to be part of the allotment community, make new friends and learn a thing or two. I’m slightly worried that I might be taking on more than I can handle but nothing ventured nothing gained.

9 thoughts on “Allotment Plot

  1. How exciting. Good luck with it. Interesting that you say that they’re new allotments. I thought ‘they’ were bulldozing allotments in order to build more Tescos and Olympic villages not creating new ones. Good news.


  2. Thanks David, it is really exciting and as you say good news. A community orchard was planted for everyone to enjoy, I think I may have a spare young tree to donate.


  3. Thanks Janet, my way of thinking is the plot holders won’t let their plot go that quickly, but the allotment committee believe a few will. We shall have to wait and see.


  4. Thanks Flighty! I had a peek today to see how everyone is doing. Three people out digging their plots, one plot looked almost complete with a shed and raised beds. It’s all looking great so far.


  5. The more I read about allotment the more I feel I want one, but working full time, and looking after my garden, spending time with my 92 year old mum and seeing grandchildren, I am not sure I would have the time. Some allotments have a waiting list of years so maybe I can have one when I retire. You must be so excited at the prospect – well done!


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