Spring Flowers. What’s Your Favourite?

Fans of the simple but very beautiful daffodil will agree with me that every garden should be home to at least a few daffodil bulbs. You can’t really go wrong with this tough old bulb, shove them in the ground during the most miserable months and pretty much forget about them. Then, as if by magic, you’re rewarded for your lack of effort with dashes of golden-butter yellow, cheery nodding heads and blade-like leaves swaying on the slightest breeze  – whispering the song of spring.


What’s your favourite spring flower?

9 thoughts on “Spring Flowers. What’s Your Favourite?

  1. WOW Karen, these piccies are excellent of the daff……..its my fav flower, so bright and cheerful……….love em! had to say how lovely your pictures were :-))


  2. Thank you Lesley x

    The Sage Butterfly – thanks! I also like red tulips, I have some photos of them on my FB page.


  3. Now that’s got me thinking! I love daffs but I think forget me nots are my favourite. They look so delicate but are so tough, no matter how many you pull up they just keep coming back year after year!


  4. Excellent photo’s! :)
    I don’t have a favourite. Each time I see a fresh, new bloom, it becomes my favourite at the moment :) Last week it was Lungwort, at the moment it’s Grape Hyacinth….


  5. Beautiful photos Karen, you have inspired me to try and do better myself at capturing their beauty. Daffs are hard to beat for their cheeriness and the way they herald the end of Winter. There are lots of other Spring flowers I love – crocuses, Iris reticulata, anenomes – but if I had to choose just one to keep it would be daffs, preferably tete-a-tete.


  6. I’m with Mo, my favourite changes often. I have noticed one or two bluebells getting ready to flower, they will probably be my next favourite.
    I have found a big bag of daff bulbs that didn’t get planted before Xmas, what would happen if I planted them now. I don’t suppose they would flower this year but would they die?
    Kay x
    PS My Magnolia is starting to flower so that’ll be my next favourite. See I’m easily swayed. x


  7. Thanks everyone :)

    Kay, I would wait until autumn before planting them, just pop them somewhere dark and cool and they should be fine till you’re ready.

    Janet, my favourite daffodil is Tete-a-tete!


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