March in the Garden Smallholding

The glorious sunny weather over the past few days really helped to warm the soil, I took full advantage by sowing more radish and the first of the beets (boltardy) covering the rows with a tunnel cloche which will help to keep the soil warm. I’m trying a different variety of radish called ‘Bright Lights’ (colour mix) alongside the usual varieties that I like, it will be interesting to see the different colours produced. I have been busy building a few more raised beds for the vegetable garden and taken my first harvest of rhubarb.


So, what else has been happening in the garden smallholding this month? Well, I planted Charlotte potatoes, raspberry canes and strawbs raised from runners, I’ve also been sowing broad beans, peas, mange tout, red cabbage, brussels sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli as well as annuals and perennials to add a splash of colour,  encouraging beneficial insects to the veg garden plots. Speaking of wildlife, a pair of  blue tits are currently setting up home in one of our bird boxes which is very exciting to watch, another pair have decided to use the eaves of our house.

The greenhouse that I have saved long and hard for is currently being installed, I can’t wait to get inside it later and start sowing. I feel like a big kid!

11 thoughts on “March in the Garden Smallholding

  1. we planted our charlotte potatoes out last weekend – nothing like growing your own spuds – the taste is so much better than anything from any supermarket!x


  2. Like you, I am enjoying starting to get things going now the better weather is here.
    Do not forget the humble turnip, surely the most under-rated vegetable of all time.
    Delicious cooked in all sorts of different ways.


  3. Hello i have been reading your blog for a while with enjoyment. I am new to growing my own, i bought a polytunnel last year but it was destroyed by the winter snow. My husband has just build me a new greenhouse from a timber frame with clear plastic sheeting over it which we used to use from doing markets a couple of years ago. Its great and im in there now most days sowing. I have just build my first raised bed and will be following your instructions for planting potatoes. We have an extremley large plot of garden to the back of our property so am looking forward to more tips on gardening and maybe purchasing a few chickens later in the year. x.


  4. How wonderful to finally have a greenhouse – I got mine last Spring, and it has been so worthwhile. Look forward to reading about all your adventures in it! I had a bit of a deja vu moment reading your sowing list and then about the Blue Tits – we seem to be leading spookily similar lives in some respects, though so far as I know we only have the one pair in the nest box.


  5. Hubby wouldn’t like me admitting it, but your rhubarb looks quite a bit bigger than our rhubarb. You’ve clearly been busy with all that sowing..


  6. Thanks everyone for your comments, I love reading them :) I spent the afternoon in my new greenhouse sowing melon, cucumber and sunflowers! Very happy girl!

    Joanne, thanks for commenting, it’s lovely to hear that my hobby ramblings are enjoyed by others. Good luck with your growing this year, I’m sure all that space you have will soon be filled with more raised beds – and maybe some chickens too ;)


  7. Lucky you what with blue tits nesting and a new greenhouse! My rhubarb needs a couple more weeks before I can start harvesting it. Flighty xx


  8. Hi Karen, I’ve missed a few days of reading but have really enjoyed catching up with you! I have greenhouse envy but having one would be impractical for me on large open estate. Your radishes sound very exciting – can you let me know who supplied the seeds? I’d like to grow some! Also, you’ve inspired me to grow rhubarb – how big is your plant now? (Space also an issue for me!) Caro xx


  9. Hi Carolyn,
    The Bright Lights radish that I bought are Mr Fothergill’s seeds, I should expect to pull white, red/white, purple, yellow and solid red. Should help to brighten up a dull salad! My rhubarb is about 4ft wide now that most of the leaves are completely open on the thicker stems.
    Hope this helps x


  10. If they say a shed is a man’s cave, then a greenhouse must be a woman’s sweet shop! I would love to have a greenhouse I can actually walk into, but for the time being I will have to make do with my little plastic one – it serves it purpose. Isn’t Spring fun?!


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