A Beautiful Sunny Weekend

The weather is utterly gorgeous at the moment, brilliant blue sky and wall to wall sunshine. The weekend was spent pottering around the garden, watering seed trays, sowing rows of carrots, planting herbs and dining al fresco with evening drinks by candlelight, entertainment provided by bats with their magnificent aerial display. Everything looks so much better in the sunshine, especially the tulips which are putting on a dazzling show at the moment, they look even more beautiful glowing in the sunshine, igniting the borders like hot fire lanterns. I cannot claim credit for planting these red beauties, we were lucky to inherit them from the previous homeowners/gardeners.

The weather is set to change of course but its been a joy having a taste of summer for a while.

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Sunny Weekend

  1. It looks like many gardeners made the most of the weekend, as we did! I’ve got just a handful of tulips, red ones like these, on the plot and will certainly grow more next year. xx


  2. Got the same tulips from somewhere very cheap they have given a fabulous display… do you know what they are called…..


  3. Gorgeous! That vivid splash of hot red is very dramatic – reminds me of Japanese (Marimekko) fabric designs! I love to see tulip photos appearing in blogland. I haven’t planted so far for lack of knowing where to put them so that they’ll be free to bloom without getting in the way of seed sowing. Maybe next year I hope to join all you tulip growers … Caro xx


  4. So beautiful! I really do love spring, what a magical time it is with all the fresh energy, and vibrant life!


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