Make Veg Frames for Raised Beds

I mainly use raised beds to grow fruit and vegetables in my garden, for the last 2 years I’ve been using what I call ‘veg frames’, to prevent my seeds, seedlings and onion sets being disturbed by cats, birds and rodents, giving them protection during the vulnerable early weeks of growing. The frames sit on top of my raised beds allowing essential light, water and air flow through but little else. Obviously, I remove the frames once my seedlings grow taller, by this point the crops are usually strong enough to handle what nature throws at them. I use 4 frames side by side along the length of a 10 ft x 4 ft raised bed, each frame can be removed or lifted with ease to allow for weeding etc.

To make a veg frame, simply nail, screw or glue together a simple rectangle or square wooden frame, (any wood will do) then staple chicken wire or aviary mesh to the frame. Using veg frames with raised beds is really handy to prevent cats from messing empty beds, I also use my frames to hold a covering of fleece securely over a raised bed if an overnight frost is forecast, particularly useful during blustery weather. The possibilities are endless, have a rummage around your shed or garage for materials (check out skips too) and see if you can rustle something up.

5 thoughts on “Make Veg Frames for Raised Beds

  1. Oh why didn’t I think of this! Brilliant. (Probably because I haven’t got enough wood lying around or it’s too short.) But now that I’ve seen yours and the idea is in my head, I’m so on the lookout for raised bed sized bits of wood. We had nearly all our chicken wire nicked so I’d go for cheap mesh netting but it would still do the job – plus I love a bit of recycling! Caro xx


  2. Like it! Particularly the way you have several frames side by side each lift-able individually. Much more practical than my 4m long mesh tunnel protecting my brassicas – that’s just a pain. Food for thought…


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