We’re Having a Bit of a Celebration

I’m chuffed to bits to announce that today marks the 3rd anniversary of freedom for a couple of my original ex battery hens, Lily ‘Savage’ and Emily have been out of a battery cage for 3 whole years, whoopee! Believe it or not both hens are still laying quality shelled eggs every single day, usually taking a small break during the winter months for moulting purposes. I was trying to work out their ages last night and I reckon they’re either 4 or 5 years old which is pretty good going considering battery hens are not bred to last. 


They really are the most amazing girls, funny characters and completely friendly despite Lily’s nickname Savage. You see, she is quite partial to the odd mouse if she can catch one – nothing to do with hurting people. This time last year I still had all 6 of my original motley crew – Dolly, Lizzie, Rose and Mrs N completed the line up, what a bunch of HUGE characters they were. As I watch Emily & Lily tucking into their favourite treat of sliced grapes a tinge of sadness washes over me for the other 4 girls we sadly lost, but I look back over the two years of freedom they did have with fond memories.

It’s more than most ex battery hens could ever dream of.

14 thoughts on “We’re Having a Bit of a Celebration

  1. Lovely that you’ve still got Emily and Lily to keep you (and each other) company. My niece had 3 chickens (one for each of her little girls) and they were very friendly, even liking to wander into the house! They didn’t mind being picked up and stroked, which happened frequently, but last year two died and the third was given to a neighbour with a larger flock so she had some company. Really, really good for you to care for them so well! Caro xx


  2. Happy Anniversary. I hope they go on for many more years, years spent digging around in the garden and doing henny things. Kay x


  3. Thanks Caro, I have 4 other ex battery hens but these 2 have been here the longest so far. I had 16 of them at one point! I don’t think I could ever be without a few hens in the garden, they’re part of the furniture!


  4. That second photo is smashing. I know what you mean about never being without them now. The three we have just make us laugh so much (though not so much when they wander into the house and pooh on the carpet). I love that little contented, almost cooing noise they make when they’re all tucked up for bed.

    16 may be a little too many for us, though!


  5. That is a smashing photo. Congratulations to you and your chooks. Just brill – have one for me! xx


  6. I’ve just found your blog through urban veg patch – it’s lovely. Really enjoyed reading about your advetures with the chickens. I’ve just started gardening (and blogging), only on a balcony so no chickens for me yet, maybe one day!


  7. Happy Anniversary Karen, Lily and Emily!

    Its’ very sad to lose girls, but as you say, they had a some good years with you and a second start at life. Are you thinking about rehoming any more?


  8. Thanks everyone!

    Hi Geoff, yes I will adopt more at some point, I have another 4 bonded girls (2 of them very lame) so at the moment it’s not a good idea to upset the balance, once I lose a few I will get more.

    I would like to get a couple of hybrids for eggs at some point, once dear Lily or Emily passes away then this would probably be a good time to get some. I don’t like buying eggs, I haven’t bought any for a long time now but you can never rely on ex battery hens to lay – but most do!


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