Meteor Peas in Flower

I’m growing Meteor peas which can be autumn or spring sown, after a disastrous attempt at autumn sowing I decided to wait until March before direct sowing again. This time germination was a success, the plants are romping away and flowering already but my joy has quickly turned to dread because of a pest called Pea Moth. Pea flowers are self pollinating so I’m keeping my peas covered with fleece –  just in case the gorgeous weather we’ve been blessed with encourages pea moths to emerge earlier than usual. 

I have disturbing visions of eagerly opening up a pod only to be met with nibbled peas and caterpillar poo!

3 thoughts on “Meteor Peas in Flower

  1. We had some pea moth last year, little blighters!
    Your photo is lovely. We haven’t planted ours out yet but the polytunnel ones are just budding.


  2. Love your pictures!! This is my first year with an allotment, as such I’m a bit keen. I planted my first set of peas in late Jan in toilet rolls. They look like they are about to flower now.

    Ignorance is bliss, I didn’t know about this pea moth. The more I learn the more I worry.


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