I Have an Allotment Plot

Here she is, all weedy and wonderful. A plot was offered to me at my village allotment on Good Friday, I jumped at the chance – who wouldn’t? What with waiting lists as long as 10 years in some places I feel ever so lucky to have an allotment plot so soon. You might be surprised to learn that my plot was in fact reserved beforehand but never claimed, I’m not complaining I just find it bizarre. I went along to the allotment the following day to choose between two previously reserved plots (yes, somebody else failed to claim a plot) and I’m now the proud slave to Plot 4. 


I spent today, my first proper day as a plot holder digging and cursing the ground – it’s rock solid dry and a jungle of weeds. I’m now enjoying a glass of red wine to take the edge off my aches and pains – plot 4 is going to bury me under her by the time the year is through .

I’m loving every painful minute of it.

11 thoughts on “I Have an Allotment Plot

  1. Fantastic! Not about the aches, pains, rock hard ground and weeds, but congratulations on snapping up a plot. I sympathise with the other – been there, got the calluses – and its a tad hot to be grappling with dandelions, but I’m sure you will beat it into shape in no time. Look forward to watching your progress!


  2. That’s good news. Lets hope we have some rain soon, to soften the ground. You’ll be able to grow a lot more fruit and veg now. What are you hoping to use your allotment for? I see you’ve currently got a good crop of plantain, a useful herb.


  3. No rain forecast for Bedfordshire just yet, the ground is as dry as a bone but I’m cracking on with it. Probably very basic and easy crops to start with Karin, I might be able to get some onion sets in this week, lets see!


  4. Thanks all! I’m very pleased to have the plot, it’s amazing how attached I’ve become to my plot and how many great people I’m meeting each time I visit. My plot neighbour dug a stubborn bramble root out for me, how lovely is that? This is exactly what I meant by wanting to be a part of an allotment community, I’m feeling achy but warm and fuzzy inside.


  5. I missed this post as I’ve been away, so – belatedly – congratulations! what excellent luck to scoop up the unwanted plot. Well done for getting on with it, I know how challenging a rock-hard, weed encrusted plot can be. I bet it will look totally different in a year’s time!


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