First Spring Harvest

I’ve been pulling radish for the past few days, they’re always a welcome treat and usually straight forward to grow. With prolonged warm weather you can expect to start pulling radish from 3 weeks after sowing, because of their speed of growth they’re a handy gap filler amongst slower growing plants and a great first crop for children to grow. I tried another variety this year called Bright Lights, they’re almost ready to pull and so far I can see a purple, white and yellow one!

2 thoughts on “First Spring Harvest

  1. I love radishes – tasty and easy. While I have been anxiously watching for signs that my parsnips have germinated I have been happily harvesting them, although they have grown so fast that I need to pull the lot before they get as big as golf balls.


  2. Nice crop! We had our first harvest a couple of weeks ago. My wife is Polish and loves radishes, I must admit I wasn’t as keen at first but I was pleasantly surprised how nice they were fresh out of the ground.

    We’ve not been able to get to our allotment for a week now, I think we may have some overgrown radishes waiting for us when we eventually get there.


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