Sowing and Potting on Tomatoes

I started sowing tomatoes in February (earlier than I usually do) and more again in March. I’m growing Alicia Craig and cherry variety Gardener’s Delight, thanks to the continuous beautiful weather my urge to sow tomatoes in February paid off  – the plants have their first flowers and a couple of small fruits. At the moment they are inside the greenhouse with the door open during the day to allow for pollinating insects to do their bit. The March plants are smaller but really coming along well, they need potting on again so I shall crack on with that over the weekend. I will probably grow a few plants outdoors too but they won’t go outside until the risk of frost is over.

I use deep modules to sow tomato seeds, a warm sunny windowsill normally works well for germination. I transplant each seedling into a small pot once the first set of true leaves appear, then I grow them on in a warm spot until they need potting on again into larger pots. When potting on tomato seedlings I plant deeper than they were previously, I find this encourages a better root system which helps with watering during the summer months and generally a stronger plant all round.

Due to a combination of unseasonably warm weather and sowing tomatoes early, I just might be eating  home-grown tomatoes earlier than usual this year. Fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “Sowing and Potting on Tomatoes

  1. Your tomato seedlings look great! Wow, starting in February. I got a late start and started mine in March. Mine haven’t set their first true leaves yet. I can’t wait!


  2. Nice looking plants. I started mine at the beginning of March, and they have grown really strongly, they’ve loved this warm weather. I can’t turf out the other plants from the greenhouse to plant them up in the final spots yet, and too risky to put the ones destined for outside in the final spots, but have had to remove a shelf in the planthouse to accommodate the growth in the mean time! No flowers yet though – just on my courgettes. Which is ridiculous.


  3. +1 for the early start. We started ours early February and actually planted the first outside this weekend (all will end up on the allotment outside). Yes, it’s a gamble but if frosts are forecast I’ll go and dig them up again but if not we’ll get earlier first toms. We’ve been doing it this way for four years now and not had to dig them up yet. We need some new tomatoes soon as we’ve almost finished last years cooked down & frozen ones for soups and pasta suaces, not to mention the delightt of eating them straight of the cane.


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