I’ve Gone all Minty

My herb patch is bursting with beautiful foliage and scent at the moment. A while ago I went herb shopping and bought a few new ones (for me anyway), Salad Burnet and Evening Primrose to name a few. I also bought my favourite herb of all, mint. The cold winter almost wiped out my collection of mints, I grow them in large pots due to them being so rampant. I’ve now added quite a few different varieties, most of which I probably won’t get around to using but that doesn’t matter – they’re beneficial to bees and butterflies and of course very pretty to look at and lovely to smell. I love the different aromas and how they all seem to gel together in a herby-jungly way.

Did you know there’s a variety called Chocolate Mint? Chocolate heaven without the calories, how cool is that?!  Use the leaves with ice cream and other chocolate based deserts, they’re also pretty as a garnish. I treated myself to a pineapple mint too, along with a few more classic garden mints. Which herb is your favourite?

8 thoughts on “I’ve Gone all Minty

  1. Mint post! ;)
    I couldn’t pick a favourite herb :)
    I’ve just discovered some spearmint growing wilyl-nilly down by the chicken pen and you have reminded me to capture some and put it somewhere so I’ll rmember where it is, thanks :)


  2. I grow herbs, such as borage and rosemary, on the plot for the flowers and foliage rather than to use in the kitchen! I suppose that mint is my favourite as I do like it with a roast lamb dinner. xx


  3. Hi Karen,

    My wife and I grow a few varieties of mint, some for use in cooking but mainly for my wife to use in her bouquets. My favourite is Apple Mint but I think my favourite herb has to be good old Rosemary; not very adventurous I know but lovely all the same. I do also enjoy the zingy fragrance of Lemon Verbena which is great for cooking, for use in baking and as a tea.



  4. I’m growing two mints, not sure what they are – except nice-smelly! Did you see MontyD on GW talking herbs? He says Peppermint for tea, spearmint for cooking, apple mint for new potatoes. Must try and remember that next time I’m extending the herb garden!


  5. Karen I’m jealous of your peas, mine are still at flower stage! i’ve collected quite a few mints too, I find they’re great for growing where other things might struggle, never come across chocolate mint though! Kathy


  6. Hi Karen

    I can’t say that it does taste of chocolate, just minty but it does smell divine!


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