Grumpy with Stumpy Sunflowers

I’m so disappointed with my sunflowers this year, they’re embarrassingly short and the flowers are titchy. Just pathetic really. Usually I manage to grow very tall plants with dinner plate-sized blooms, just how sunflowers should be. I grew my favourite ‘giants’ from new seed, just as I always do so I can’t start pointing the finger of damnation thataway. Hmmm.

I didn’t get around to planting any sunflowers at the allotment this year, I’ve no idea if they would have done better, but in saying that I was surprised to see other plot holders having the same problem with sunflowers too. Why are sunflowers so stumpy this year? Is it a Bedfordshire thing I wonder…….


12 thoughts on “Grumpy with Stumpy Sunflowers

  1. Still pretty though :) We have mixed results, some small but one large one that is all leaf at the moment and looks like it will have many flowers.


  2. It’s not a Bedfordshire thing….I’m in Hampshire and have one very stumpy Sunflower, which doesn’t even have a flower yet! The weather has just been so unpredictable; dry as a bone one minute and the torential rain the next!


  3. Same problem in Cornwall – usually we have massive sunflowers but this year they are all small flowers BUT the good news is that there seems to be more flowers coming and one or two plants will have ten small flowers on it! There is definitely something strange going on with them this year!


  4. My sunflowers are very stumpy too, and have yet to flower, but I was late putting them in and some people up at the allotments already have sunny giants. No idea what is going on. Shame though – the great thing about gardening is that there is always next year!


  5. I’ve not done too badly with sunflowers, considering I didn’t actually get round to planting any! The seeds were all dropped in the ground from the heads left overwinter from last year for the birds. I’ve particularly enjoyed the sunflowers growing up through the spuds – the stems were spindly so have been perfect as cutting flowers when we had to dig over the bed. Mine weren’t even in particularly good soil …


  6. I am sure the problem with your sunflowers is not a Bedfordshire thing. I was given two plants and Peter (the husband) and I selected one each and decided to have a race to see which one grew the tallest.
    His plant has grown majestically tall with a huge flower whilst mine is short and stumpy with lots of blooms.
    In spite of the lack of inches, I think mine definitely looks the best.


  7. At least you’ve got some, the slugs got mine. I’m left with one solitary Sunflower.


  8. No problem here as I’ve happily grown several varieties. My Giant Singles are around the nine foot mark and one has flowered.
    See my post tomorrow which shows some of them. xx


  9. A friend gave me what she thought were courgette seedlings but they turned out to be sunflowers! Likewise, rather small flowers this year – I’m in Dorset.

    Can you tell me about fennel? I’ve got the herb fennel but this year, for the first time, I’ve grown the bulb fennel (florence fennel?) It is now coming into flower – should I take the flowers off to make sure all the nutrients go into the bulb?


  10. Hi Mike, I’m pretty sure that once florence fennel is ready for lifting it will try to flower so yes I would cut any flowers off now and lift.

    Sorry your sunflowers are small, but bigger than courgette!


  11. Oh Flighty, I’m so jealous, I bet your sunflowers are amazing! I usually grow them as tall as that, I do miss seeing them towering above everything else!


  12. Our sunflowers were stumpy last year, we didn’t plant anything this year as we are moving chook headquarters and making patio area into a proper patio. Have to admit I love sunflowers too (and fresias) x


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