July in the Garden Smallholding

The garden is in full swing with frequent mini harvests of potatoes, carrots, beets, peas, soft fruits, onions, beans and squash (I could go on) providing plenty for meals, which of course generates a great sense of achievement and pride. A few days of much-needed rain gave the kitchen garden the boost it so desperately needed in order to spring back to life, sun-scorched tones soon changed to lush green – I find it fascinating how rain can change the colours and textures of a garden so quickly, almost like a magical tonic.

I’ve grown some beautiful flowers from seed this year including pretty Cosmos pictured above. Cosmos is one of my favourites for attracting wildlife, the flowers are like magnets for bees and butterflies. I’m slowly forgiving the sunflowers for their poor show this year, they’re still my absolute favourite flower.

4 thoughts on “July in the Garden Smallholding

  1. Glad to hear you are on the verge of sunflower forgiveness! I love Cosmos too, more and more, particularly now that I have started growing the shorter variety. This is my first year of growing enough veg to make regular harvests for meals, and I am addicted. Its making a difference to the bottom line too, so all good! Enjoy your harvests.


  2. I envy you your wonderful vibrant cosmos, Karen! I didn’t get round to sowing my cosmos seeds, there was just too much else to do plus I just ran out of space. I’ve found another space on the estate that’s been lying fallow and plan to dig that over and remove stones (well, the kids will do the stones, I hope!) so maybe there will room there for some cosmos next year.


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