Overrun with Strawberry Runners!

My strawberry patch was an explosion of runners recently, the patch had become overcrowded with baby plants self-rooting all over the place and was in desperate need of thinning out. I set to work by digging up well rooted runners gently with a hand fork, potting them up as I went. Smaller plants have been left where they are for now in order to establish a better root system. I’m aiming to plant the largest plants at the allotment sometime this month, this should allow them enough time to settle in before the cold wet weather comes.

If you were to compare prices to garden centres right now (strawberry plants are mighty expensive at the moment) I’ve at least £40 worth of strawberry plants that I’ve gained for nowt. Strawberry plants are brilliant!

4 thoughts on “Overrun with Strawberry Runners!

  1. This is one of the jobs on my (very long) to-do list so I’m impressed that you’ve done yours! Mine will be a relocating as well as a repotting job, easily an afternoon’s work. (Makes me almost wish I’d stayed home rather than gallivanting off on hols!)


  2. They look lovely and well done you getting those sorted. You will be selling plants next year :)

    We have dug over all the front borders and found lotsof little strawberry plants under the jungle. Moved them all to a safer spot now.


  3. That’s one job that I have finally ticked off my list! Although I’m not sure I’ve done a great job, time will tell. Mrs H (previous owner) left an extremely crowed strawberry patch which I really want to move. 1st step made after planting up about 22 runners but the birds find it highly ammusing to remove them from the parent plant before they are ready – at least I think it is the birds, considering each time I walk up to the plot about 5 of them fly out!


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