Tidying Summer Fruiting Raspberry Canes

The summer raspberries are just about coming to an end now, they fruited well for new plants and being a mid to late summer variety they’ve been a real treat all summer long. Some of the canes are finished and looking scruffy so I decided to start the raspberry cane tidy up.

Canes producing fruit throughout summer will probably look tired and dead looking now, especially if they’re early fruiting varieties. Cut these canes down to just above ground level. You should have fresh new growth too, these are new canes which will produce fruit next year so don’t cut them down, tie the new canes onto the frame support instead.

Raspberries will appreciate an autumn mulch around the base with well-rotted manure or fresh compost. We had a bit of a glut with our summer raspberries even though I only planted 3 canes so I’d better look for some interesting recipes to store away for next year.

The autumn variety raspberries are fruiting now, I’ll never get tired of picking and eating raspberries – especially because they’re so expensive to buy!

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